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Welcome to the Cambridge Delta Blog. The page and links below aim to provide information for those who are not familiar with the level, syllabus and methods of assessments of this advanced teaching qualification. 

The Cambridge Delta is a high level course at level 7 – this page is an index of the available links on our website. You can navigate from this page, or from the drop down menus at the top.

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  1. Learn all the general information about the Cambridge Delta: level, prerequisites, application process and much more!

  2. Download the Cambridge Delta Modules (1, 2, 3) Handbook

  3. FInd out details about our intensive 8-week course offered twice every year

  4. Find out about our super interactive distance course – a blended option available

  5. Discover all the UK based universities which will give you credits and exemptions on your Masters if you are a Delta holder.

  6. Follow a Module 1 full course (80 hours+)

  7. Follow the Teaching Young Learners Module 3 Course (YL)

  8. Follow the ELT Management Module 3 Course (ELTM)

General Information about the Cambridge Delta Diploma

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Course Description

The Cambridge DELTA Diploma is a professional qualification at post-graduate level (a Level 7 Qualification according to the British Curriculum Authority) and is one of the most sought after and well respected qualifications internationally. It is recognised by all British Universities and is fast becoming a prerequisite for some of the most interesting jobs in our field all over the world.

The course is ideal for experienced and qualified teachers wishing to enhance their career opportunities as Senior Teachers, ESP Instructors, Level Coordinators or Directors of Studies. The Diploma provides an excellent bridge for those who wish to pursue further academic qualifications related to TEFL at Masters level.

The Cambridge DELTA Diploma is widely recognised and valued by the profession and it is the first step to a career in TEFL which may have the classroom as its main focus but which may also take the holder into a number of other interesting directions, such as

  • materials writing
  • academic management
  • teacher training
  • editing EFL materials
  • promoting EFL materials
  • and much more…

The course is organised around three modules, each of which is assessed separately. During the last module (Module III) candidates may focus on an area of specialism from a wide range of topics
(e.g., Young Learners, ESP, Exam Classes, and many more: a full list is available on request). but  covers other needs and age groups of interest to each candidate as well.

The three Modules

The course is organised around three modules, each of which is .assessed separately. To find out more about the syllabus specifications, assignments and examination, please download and read the new syllabus guidelines by clicking  here

Here is the focus of the three modules:

Module One Understanding Language,
Methodology & Resources for Teaching
Assessed via written examination offered twice annually in June & December(more here)
Module Two Developing Professional Practice
Assessed via portfolio of background assignments & observed teaching (more here)
Module Three Option 1: Extending Practice and ELT Specialism
Assessed via an extended assignment on one of the ELT specialisms listed here:
Option 2: English Language Teaching Management (ELTM)Assessed via an extended assignment on one of the following specialisms listed below:

  1. Academic Management
  2. Human Resources Management (HRM)
  3. Customer Service
  4. Marketing

For more, please visit the Module 3 courses page to find out which specialisms we support, which are integrated into our main course and for which ones we offer a separate training programme.

Who can attend a DELTA course?

Applicants must have experience of classroom teaching experience at a variety of levels. Please note that the Delta is no longer a qualification for teaching adult classes. Your experience may have been with 

  • young and very young learners
  • teenagers
  • young adults
  • adults
  • business/professional English groups
  • academic English groups

Applicants must already hold a first degree in English or have appropriate qualifications which allow them to teach in their country; in addition, they should have attended a teacher training
programme such as a CELTA, COTE or a Certificate in TEFL

It is entirely at each centre’s discretion to examine and accept each candidate on an individual basis according to their background, experience, training and potential and exceptions can sometimes be made based on an overall evaluation of each candidate’s knowledge, experience and potential to be successful.

Selection is made on the basis of

  1. Classroom teaching experience as described above
  2. Educational background & evidence of TEFL training
  3. A Language and Methodology pre-course examination
  4. A personal interview with the Course Tutor.

Course Options at CELT Athens:

We offer two types of courses. Please click on each option to visit the information page and decide which is more suited to your needs and your schedule.

  1. An intensive 8-week face-to-face course in Athens All input and teaching assessments take place during the 8 weeks of the course.
  2. A part time 24-week online/blended course with input online and teaching assessments in Athens.

The courses offered by CELT are integrated and cover all three modules within attendance dates.
The only Module 3 content which we do not cover is the ELT Management Specialism although we offer a separate online course.

Each candidate must undertake an independent programme of preparation study prior to the course. After the end of the course, candidates will continue contact with their tutor for the
completion of the write up of their Module 3 assignment work, but this is not face-to-face and is done online and via email.

Important note:

To run a course a minimum of six participants is required.

School Details – Athens

The centre is situated in the heart of Athens and is easily accessible from every
part of the city. It has been an Authorised Cambridge Teaching Awards Centre since 1993. 

The centre is especially supportive to its trainees, and offers:

  •  Multilingual classes of adults where our candidates can observe and be observed while teaching.
  •  Excellent pre-, while- and post-course support through a Delta course dedicated wiki with organised links, articles, and resources as well as sample assignments and videotaped seminars for preparation and revision.
  •  Free internet access and use of PCs for lesson preparation and materials design
  •  The school also has an excellent library and resources, which have received high praise by all Cambridge Assessors.

You can read details of the syllabus and assessment of all three modules online if you click here  – or read the handbook online. 

The Course Tutors

Read all about our DELTA course tutors here

How to Apply
1. Download the application form and save it in your hard drive.

2. Complete it offline in your own time and email it to
3. Arrange a date and time when you can take your language and methodology screening exam

Check out all important details on this and other CELT courses in the booklet linked below



CELT Athens is an authorised teaching awards centre



For details regarding applications, content or timetable, please write to the Course Tutor:
Marisa Constantinides
CELT Athens Director