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Have you read the General Introduction to the DELTA first?


Part-time with online input completed over 24 weeks

The DELTA online course was designed in order to accommodate working teachers, those candidates who are unable to leave their job for the eight weeks required for an intensive course, or who may have difficulties travelling to Athens for face-to-face sessions.

It is a course in which all seminar input is delivered wholly online, in our virtual classroom on Adobe Connect Pro and to complete the Module 2 Teaching Assessments, candidates come to Athens for 4 weeks only to observe experienced teachers and be observed by their tutors while teaching their assessed lessons.


How does the Course work?

Screenshot of our virtual classroom space – Adobe Connect Pro

Our online course provision is offered via webinars in a VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) in which candidates attend live synchronous sessions with their course tutors and fellow course participants.

The tutor and participants use webcams and microphones as well as text chat and the VLE is equipped with whiteboards, ability to see handouts, powerpoint presentations, videos, shared screens and audio.

Our candidates are also supported through a DELTA course dedicated Wiki by way of asynchronous LMS (Learning Management System). This includes organised pages and links, articles, and resources, as well as sample assignments by previous candidates,  videotaped seminars and sample lessons for preparation and revision.

Apart from these two platforms, we use one more platform for communication, discussions in-between sessions and weekly online chats. The platform we are currently using is Wiggio and here you can read about it in a blog post which we were asked to contribute to showcase our experience with Wiggio.



Course Organisation

The online course is a part-time one and covers all three modules within attendance dates but candidates may choose to take each Module separately.


Our blended course is organised via Webinars, usually held on weekends & a 4-week face-to-face component in Athens.  Online sessions are usually held on Saturday and Sunday and last 90 minutes each. Four such sessions are taught every weekend. We offer them from 12:00 GMT to 15:30 GMT but other times are also possible, depending on the time zones of the majority of the candidates. Click here to view the times in your time zone on the World Clock.

Input for Modules 1, 2 & 3 Online:

Participants attend online webinars in a virtual classroom (VLE) on weekends. Times depend on the time zones of the course participants. Candidates begin writing their background assignments during this time. The online component is complemented by a 4-week stay in Athens in order to complete Module 2 Teaching Assessments.

Overseas candidates can arrange their stay in Athens at any point of the year. Local candidates can begin their Teaching Assessments during the online component. During the four weeks (or during the online course for those who can make occasional trips to Athens) candidates must:

Check the dates for our forthcoming courses here! 


Workload during the part-time course


How the workload is distributed during this course option depends on where you are located, i.e. whether you are in or near Athens or not. Please read below for a further explanation of how this works.

During the online input section of the course, all candidates are expected to write their background assignments and fulfil their course obligations – attendance, studying, writing.

In or near Athens candidates will also be expected to fulfil their teaching practice obligations during this part of the course.

Out-of-Athens /overseas candidates will fulfil obligations below during their 4-week stay in Athens.

  • teach their diagnostic lesson and get feedback so they can write their Professional Development assignment
  • complete their 10 hours of directed observation with our classes
  • finish and hand in final drafts of their background assignments
  • teach lessons connected to their Systems and Skills assignments (4) observed and assessed internally (3) and one by an External Assessor
  • teach their Experimental Practice Assignment (lesson not assessed but assignment is as part of the Professional Development Assignment)





Module 1 Written Exams can be taken at CELT if you are following a course near the due dates (first Wednesday of June and December each year) or can be taken at any British Council or Authorised CELTA/DELTA centre near you. Module 1 assessment can be taken before or after the Module 2 assessment.

Module 2  coursework which includes written assignments and being assessed teaching both by course tutors and an external assessor, can be completed over 3-4 weeks at any time of the year candidates are able to be away from work. CELT organises and pays for assessor flights in late May, early August and late November. External assessments at any other time of the year must be paid for by the participants.

Module 3  assignments are supported and completed after completing the Module 2 assessment in Athens.

Module 1 Module 2  Module 3
ExamSessions Assessment for Module 1 is offered twice a year on the first Wednesday of June or December Assessments must be completed in time for the three possible Module 2 Awards Meetings held in June, October or December Assignments for Module 3 must be completed and uploaded by the centre on the Monday after the Module 2 Exams in June and December
ExamLocation At CELT Athens if resident in Greece (CELT handles statements of entry)
At your nearest British Council or centre offering CELTA or DELTA courses
(candidates apply to that centre which handles statements of entry)
At CELT Athens – an external assessor is invited to assess any candidates taking their final assessment at the end of a course.At the candidate’s chosen location; airfares and accommodation costs must be paid by Individual candidates wishing to be assessed at CELT at times other than those above will also have to carry the cost of the assessor’s flight and hotel. Assignment is sent to CELT Athens in electronic format and CELT Athens uploads to the Cambridge ESOL website




Dates & Tuition – Important Note

The course takes 24 weeks to complete online – dates can be seen here

The 24 weeks refer to online input needed for preparation for Modules 1, 2 and 3. Candidates are expected to spend time after the end of the online course doing research for their Module 3 project for which they need to have a class of learners available to gather data

Tuition is 2700 euros for all three modules and candidates are expected to pay a deposit before the start of the course and pay the balance over 5 installments. More information on fees for individual modules can be found here

We accept payments via bank transfer and PayPal, a secure online payment system.

Please download the application form – and do subscribe to our mailing list by completing the form on the right hand column



Accommodation Options for the Athens stay

Individual furnished flats are available for 350 Euros for a month (water, electricity & wi-fi charges included).

For a furnished room in a flat shared with one or two other students, the price is 300 Euros per room for one month (water, electricity & wi-fi charges included).

Requirements for online attendance

Sessions for this online course will be held in Adobe Connect Pro, a virtual classroom space which allows trainees to interact with text chat, voice chat and video and collaborate in groups just as if they were in the same room!

Watch this great video showing the great features of this online VLE

To take part in the webinars, you will need a fast connection, a headset and a webcam.


For More

For details regarding applications, content or timetable, please write to the Course Tutor:

Marisa Constantinides CELT Athens Director
3 Georgiou Gennadiou Street, 106 78 Athens, Greece

or send an e-mail to:

Have you read the information on our intensive 8-week course?

CELT Athens is an authorised teaching awards centre



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