Delta Intensive Course


Face-to-Face – completed over 8 weeks

Please read the General Introduction to the DELTA first

The Intensive Course in Athens


A lesson about expressions and idioms using the word ‘time;

full-time course completed over 8 weeks and offered in the summer, fall and winter.

Candidates for this course option typically come from variety of countries and so far we have had candidates from the United States, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Brazil, Russia, India, the United Arab Emirates, India and many more.

Check the dates for our forthcoming courses here! 
Workload during the 8-week course

During your course, you will…

  • attend seminar and workshops Monday to Friday from 6-7 hours
  • teach a diagnostic lesson and get feedback so you can write their Professional Development assignment in the first week of your course
  • write a reflection on your diagnostic lesson
  • complete 10 hours of directed observation with our classes
  • write/finalize and submit final drafts of 4 background Systems & Skills assignments one of which will be assessed externally
  • write  teach four assessed lessons connected to  Systems or Skills assignments one of which will be assessed internally
  • write a 500 word reflection after each lesson
  • write an Experimental Practice Assignment of 2500 words and the accompanying lesson plan; teach the lesson (this lesson is not observed or assessed but your assignment is)
  • write two more 500-700 word reflections after assignment 2 & 4

As it is evident from this, if you are planning to follow an intensive course, it is best to register early and start doing as much of the background reading as you can to allow yourself time to concentrate on writing assignments and creating lessons while in Athens.

Eligible Candidates

Cambridge ESOL guidelines on accepting candidates on this course are applied more rigorously in the case of the intensive course and preference is given to teachers with recent and varied classroom teaching experience, related degrees and an initial training qualification such as the Cambridge CELTA or equivalent certificate with teaching practice.

Assessment Sessions and locations

Module 1 Module 2  Module 3
ExamSessions Assessment for Module 1 is offered twice a year on the first Wednesday of June or December Assessments must be completed in time for the three possible Module 2 Awards Meetings held in June, October or December Assignments for Module 3 must be completed and uploaded by the centre on the Monday after the Module 2 Exams in June and December
ExamLocation At CELT Athens if resident in Greece (CELT handles statements of entry)
At your nearest British Council or centre offering CELTA or DELTA courses
(candidates apply to that centre which handles statements of entry)
At CELT Athens – an external assessoris invited toassess any candidates taking theirfinal assessment at the end of a course.At the candidate’s chosen location; airfares and accommodation costsmust be paid by candidateIndividual candidates wishing to be assessed at CELT at times other than those above will also have to carry the cost of the assessor’s flight and hotel. Assignment is sent to CELT Athens in electronic format and CELT Athens uploads to the Cambridge ESOL website

Accommodation Options for the Athens stay (overseas candidates)

Individual furnished flats are available for 350 Euros for a month (water, electricity & wifi charges included).

For a furnished room in a flat shared with one or two other students, the price is 300 Euros per room for one month (water, electricity & wifi charges included). For more information, please visit our accommodation and visas page

School Details – Athens

The centre is situated in the heart of Athens and is easily accessible from every part of the city. It has been an Authorised Cambridge Teaching Awards Centre since 1993.

The centre is especially supportive to its trainees, and offers:

* Multilingual classes of adults where our candidates can observe and be observed while teaching.

* Excellent pre-, while- and post-course support through a DELTA course dedicated wiki with organised links, articles, and resources as well as sample assignments and videotaped seminars for preparation and revision.

* Free internet access and use of PCs for lesson preparation and materials design

The school also has an excellent library and resources, which have received high praise by all Cambridge Assessors.

Help with Jobs

The centre has excellent local and international connections with foreign language centres and job recruitment agencies worldwide. It has a very strong presence in all the social networking sites as well as an online website for its trainees to network with schools and leave their CV and samples of work. Special guidance is given on creating efficient resumes and contacting employers.

How to Apply

1. Choose the start date which interests you. If you’re still unsure, please choose an approximate date for now – you will be able to specify later.
3. Download the application form and save it on your computer.
4. Complete it offline in your own time and email it to
6. Arrange a date and time when you can take your language and methodology screening exam

For More

For details regarding applications, content or timetable, please write to the Course Tutor:

Marisa Constantinides CELT Athens Director
3 Georgiou Gennadiou Street, 106 78 Athens, Greece

or send an e-mail to:

Have you seen the information on our online/blended part-time course?


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  1. Hi there, i am looking to do Delta module 2. How far is the accommodation from the language school? How long will it take to travel?


    • Hello Iona – a 10 minute walk from some shared flats (with similar occupants; students on other courses)

      Let me know which course you are interested in because our June section is kicking off very soon



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