Teacher, hoping to be a manager?

Teacher, hoping to be a Manager?   Or are you already a manager and learnt how to run your institution on the job? Like many of us, you probably thought there wasn’t much to running a school.

But running a school is a very special kind of management and requires special skills. No wonder teachers often do not show a preference for managers who have no background in education and no experience of classroom teaching.

Whichever direction you are coming from, an organised course on ELT Management, especially one which is part of the Cambridge Diploma and so clearly connected with a background in teaching and understanding of sound pedagogical principles may well turn your career around and give you the opportunity to develop it in a different way.

Enter the Cambridge Delta ELT Management Course


ELT Management Module 3 Course

Delivered entirely online – you can log in and complete tasks whenever you have free time


Join this 8-week online course to learn all about what it takes to be a manager in a Language Teaching Operation.

Cambridge Assessment offers this opportunity to Delta candidates who wish to move from being a teacher to being a manager. More and more institutions are becoming aware of this qualification and are showing a preference for teachers who also have management potential.

The course is assessed via an extended assignment on one of the following specialisms listed below:

  • Academic Management
  • Human Resources Management (HRM)
  • Customer Service
  • Marketing

In order to participate you must be eligible to be a Delta candidate (more here).

In addition you must

– be able to do academic research
– be able to write academic English
– have access to a language teaching operation (LTO) e.g. a language school or institution
– have access to data/information which will be useful to their project.

In order to apply, please download the application form from this link and send to info@celt.edu.gr

Tuition is 700 euros inclusive of Cambridge assessment fees.

Payment details will be sent to candidates upon acceptance to the course.

Watch an interview with a recent successful candidate


The course is asynchronous and you are not required to attend at a specific time.

Candidates who aim to obtain the Cambridge Certificate are required to write a 4,500 word assignment on one of the four areas mentioned earlier.

Submission of assignments is  either in early June or early December.

7 thoughts on “Teacher, hoping to be a manager?

    1. Hi Nicoleta,

      The course leads to one third of the Cambridge Delta Diploma, a level 7 qualification. This is Module 3 (of a 3-module course) and passing the assessment by assignment gives you a Certificate which you an use on its own as well.



      1. I am ask în about the certificate itself: how many credits are written on it? 20 credits, 30 credits? I need to apply for a new position and I need to collect 60 credits.


  1. None of the Diplomas or Certificates counting towards the Delta have any indication about the number of credits each one is worth.

    Some universities see the whole Delta as worth 30 credits and some 60 credits.

    Read the page with the universities to see which is which please


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