Course Design for 9-10 year old learners in Greece

A Module 3 Assignment on Teaching Young Learners

na_yl This is is the first of a series of Module 3 assignments which we have decided to share through this blog, with the candidate’s permission, of course.

Course Design for 9-10 year old learners in Greece

The  project was written by Sharon Noseley and received a Merit Grade Especially interesting for the YL teacher:

  • the way Sharon did her needs analysis
  • the design of her syllabus

You can download the main assignment and the appendices directly from this blog. GR108_011_noseley_YL_0612 GR108_011_Delta3_noseley_appendices

About the Author

sharonSharon Noseley was a YL teacher for a number of years in Greece. She is now an EAP teacher in the UK at the De Montfort University Leicester (DMU). She tweets as  @shazno on Twitter and you can find her as  Sharon-Nosely-Kallandzhs on Facebook Her blog is TEFL Experiences