Some thoughts on why the DELTA is a great qualification, the benefits of following a course and getting this Diploma as well as when it’s a great time to do it!

Cambridge English Southern Europe

This is a stage akin to the intermediate learning plateau that learners of English as a foreign language reach: teachers realise that, while they can somehow manage to carry out their day to day teaching duties, it is also evident that they are repeating themselves, that there is no development in the way they teach or even the content they teach, that they keep doing the same old things in the same old way. It is no surprise then that they start to question themselves and their teaching ability.

Stagnation symptoms

The symptoms, which you, like many other teachers experience at some point, include the following:

  • You have attended methodology courses and/or workshops but you feel
    you cannot implement what you learnt in your own classes
  • You are beginning to feel restless about your teaching approach and
    are no longer happy that what you do in class “works” as well…

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